Yay! My New Website Is Here

When I started my blog years ago, I was worried that I might not be able to sustain it because LIFE always happens along the way. And I could’ve never predicted that I’d buy my own domain, migrate to a new website, and rebrand my blogging identity.

A year ago, I was just an arts & lifestyle blogger aiming to share my craft, stories, and essays about stuff and food I love. All this while working full-time as a copywriter for a white-label marketing agency and then as an English teacher in some private school in the Philippines.

SERVICE 3 (rotate)-2

But this year, I found the ‘real thing’ and that’s to keep writing and build a personal brand – both as a copywriter and a blogger. I decided it was time for a change, and instead of hiding behind a pseudonym as Smitten Wordsmith, I’d build a more professional brand on my own, while offering my services online.

So, then, I became a full-time freelance copywriter, servicing clients worldwide. Now with a few retouches to my brand and a bit of a remodel, I came up with a new visual identity and a line of services.

Visual Identity

For this new website, I opted for a combination of warm and subtle colors in the palette to represent the purpose of my brand. I am aiming for a rustic vibe because I have a thing for the serenity you could feel in empty coffee shops, and I want my clients to feel that comfort when they visit my site, to reassure them that I am here to help them build their brand with my copywriting services.

Here’s a sneak peek of my logo and home page!

Brand Logo


I have made a bold decision to go with a shade of blush and beige. When it’s all put together, it looks something like this!

MS Home Page
Website Home Page


Style & Theme

In terms of the WordPress theme, I have purchased Maggie from Bluchic and followed their steps in customizing the website. It was so worth it and easy to use that it only took me a few tweaks to set up the pages!

Aside from the Maggie theme, there are other WordPress themes you can purchase from Bluchic’s store. I also like how their support team is very responsive to customers who need help completing the setup. You might also want to watch their FREE email course to properly launch your dream website. (P.S. I will post a more detailed review of this theme on my new website soon so make sure to subscribe!)

As for the photos, my photographer for the personal branding shoot was Vinz Balantad.

And I’ve personally hand-picked the styling and services displayed on the website.



All this has been a lot of work and I’m excited to share the news with you. So, tell me what you think! Do you like what I’ve done so far?

And, there’s some more excitement heading your way—I am giving away a freebie as a welcome gift to anyone who subscribes to my email list.

So, go ahead and sign up today!

All of my existing followers are WELCOME to subscribe, along with the new ones, of course – I promise it’s worth it and I’ll shower you with gifts and love 😉 .


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