Taylor Swift Is Back on Spotify and the Streaming Party Begins!

Taylor Swift has been MIA for months and it feels like yesterday when she dropped the bomb–same day as Katy Perry’s “Witness” album release. And according to Forbes, this has been her most brilliant move yet!

All of her albums are now back in Spotify and all other streaming sites/apps where she previously removed them for free streaming as an act of heroism for artists who are not getting paid with the right amount of royalties.

Now that the #TaylorSwiftStreamingParty has begun, the Twitterverse couldn’t get enough of it!<3

Here are some of the tweets that caught my attention:




So this is me squealing for an hour while streaming RED on Spotify. 😀

Let us not forget that this could be her gift to her fans after being certified for selling 100 million songs. But, there’s a conspiracy theory from a fan that had me thinking…

It could be a real strategy. After all, TS is one of the highest paid celebrities on the planet. She wouldn’t succeed in the game without using her extremely accurate calculation skills.

Complete Album on Spotify


Aside from TS 1, 2, 3, and 4, there are Karaoke playlists for each album.


Happy Streaming! ❤


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