#SleepNoMore at Breakout PH

Hey guys!

What have you been up to lately?

If you will ask me, I haven’t been getting enough sleep these days.

Well, just kidding. 😛

What I meant to say is that, I’ve become one of the subjects in a pseudo-sleep experiment when my best friend and I entered the newest escape room at the SM North EDSA branch of Breakout Philippines last weekend.

This wasn’t planned, actually. It just happened. One moment I was getting off the MRT at the North Avenue station when she texted me that I should drop by her workplace and play a game with her. Since that was a hot and humid Saturday afternoon, I decided to postpone my commute home and wander at SM North.

My college best friend works at Breakout Philippines so we didn’t find it difficult to understand the mechanics. More like, we have gotten so reluctant that we ended up trapped forever in the escape room. lelz

It was my first time anyway, and here I am getting so excited to mention how we did in the game that I failed to tell you about the escape room we have chosen.

So here we go.

P.S. Sorry about the photo. I wasn’t prepared so bear with the mobile phone quality.

Among the three escape rooms available at the SM North EDSA branch, we have chosen Sleep No More. According to the Breakout crew, the concept of the escape room is based on the infamous Russian Sleep Experiment. The urban legend tells about five political prisoners who were locked up in a room and left awake for fifteen days as they try to survive a gas-based stimulant.

Read more about the Russian Experiment here.

Sleep No More

Poster by Breakout PH

There is a group of researchers who are studying the effects of sleep deprivation to individuals. You are on death row and they pick you with a few other inmates as their science experiment and promise to set you free if you pass all their tests. They confine you all in a sealed chamber and expose you to a powerful stimulant gas and prohibit you from sleeping for 45 days straight.

It’s Day 44 already. Or is it just Day 1? Whatever it is, you have had enough and you need to escape before you completely lose yourself.

Find out if you have what it takes to BREAKOUT in our newest branch The Block, SM City North EDSA NOW OPEN!

– Facebook Ad from Breakout Philippines

Challenge Accepted!

Maximum Team Size: 6 Players
Difficulty Level: 4 out of 5 (Yeah, right. That was soooo hard)

Here are the tips  I am willing to give for you to avoid being trapped forever in the escape room. Although I still believe that forever doesn’t exist so don’t you worry. 😉

  1. Upon securing your bags in the locker area, you will be asked to put on a blindfold before you enter the escape room. Tip: Peek under the folds for your peace of mind! Ha ha ha! Just kidding. Cheating is not allowed. It will be more fun to just follow the game master.
  2. Since we were only two playing a game that should be played by six people max, and a game with a difficulty level of 4, the pressure was so intense.
  3. Then 45 minutes starts now.
  4. Tip: It is important to be alert and have a presence of mind because clues are just everywhere. Also, teamwork is the key.
  5. Sadly, we didn’t solve the puzzle and got trapped forever. 😥


Overall Verdict 

Even though we were pressed for time, we really enjoyed the game. We actually vowed to go back with the complete barkada because two heads are always better than one.

The ambiance of the escape room was creepy especially with the sound effects. You just have to be really persistent in looking for clues because there are lots of distractions–some clues themselves are distractions. Also, we could hear the noises from the other room (maybe that was Zombie Cabin) so we find it hard to focus.

All in all, the game tested our problem solving and cognitive skills. I needed this type of activity every once in a while to stimulate my brain and boost my creativity.


Escape Room Rates

Special Rates for Weekdays:
P300 per person

Normal Rates for Weekends:
P600 per person — for 1-2 persons
P500 per person — for 3-4 persons

Contact Information

Breakout PH North is located at 2F SM North EDSA near Forever 21 and Uniqlo

Email: support@breakout.com.ph

Website: http://www.breakout.com.ph/

Follow Breakout PH on InstagramTwitter, and Facebook!

One Reply to “#SleepNoMore at Breakout PH”

  1. (Spoilers Ahead. You’ve been warned!) Honestly, my barkada and I just tried it out. It was actually pretty easy and got stuck at the Doctor’s Office. However, what bothered us was that none of us got the password for the computer right. The password was practically typed in the clue card. I typed first twice but it said wrong password, four others tried it both with and without caps but got wrong password as well. We had about 20+ minutes more and the damn password was the only thing getting in our way. When time was up we asked what the password was just to quench our curiosity and then was told by the proctor that it was what was on the card. We told her it didn’t work but she told us to type again and when I did guess what? It worked when earlier four of us typed it more than once but got nowhere. I swear I even did all variations I could think of so we all felt like we were cheated there because if it worked the first time I typed it then we would have already escaped. I already knew what to do next after getting the computer password done. Well anyway it was overall a fun experience as first timers but the lingering feeling that we felt scammed prohibits us from fully enjoying it because we knew we could have already escaped there in less than 30 minutes.


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