Experience Nature and Adventure at Sandbox – Alviera

Most of us young adults have lived our lives (beginning college) with a sedentary lifestyle. It may not be the best way to enjoy what little time was left to us but it is also not easy to change our lifestyle in an instant. That is why it is good to work out or travel and engage in outdoor activities once in a while to boost our endorphin and energy.

If you live in Manila, there are lots of nearby places where you can enjoy outdoor activities with your family and friends. One of them is Sanbox Alviera in Porac, Pampanga. This attraction features a full-stretch of fun outdoor activities perfect for kids and adults alike.

Carla, Michelle, Ara, and Me

Since we visited the attraction on a Sunday and after the hot air balloon festival, there were lots of tourists in the area who took advantage of their time to tour Pampanga. We took the Mega Dike Access Road going to Porac from San Fernando, Pampanga.

When we got there, the queue to the ticketing booth was so long and we had to endure the line under the scorching heat of the sun. The entrance fee is 100php/person.

Now let’s see what’s inside the so-called sand box.

Me and My BFF Ara

Sandbox Attractions

Once you get inside the area, you’ll have to buy your preferred package, which includes the attractions of your choice. Check out Alviera‘s page for the full list of packages and rates. Then after purchasing your package, you’ll get these cute stamp marks on your wrist.


Aerial Walk

Aerial Walk – 250php

Giant Swing

Giant Swing – 150php

Adventure Tower

Free Fall – 100php
Rappel – 100php | Wall Climbing – 100php
Roller Coaster Zipline – 150php


Kids playing in the sand
Entrance to the maze
Luksong Baka


And if you ever find yourself lost, just stop and look for this post. It will lead you toward your favorite attraction. 🙂

Things to Bring

  • Sunblock Lotion
  • Umbrella
  • Snapback Hat/Baseball Cap
  • Sneakers/Rubber Shoes
  • Camera
  • Handkerchief/Towel
  • Extra Shirt

Overall Verdict

Sandbox is a promising tourist attraction. It is accessible, there is a spacious parking area, and lots of concessionaires where you can eat. I like the outdoor activities that they offer except for the Free Fall and Giant Swing because I am afraid of heights. My favorite is the  Aqtiv/Basic Archery, which I’ve yet to try on my next visit.

The only problem is that all queues were long because there are lots of people who visited the attraction on that day. Well, we arrived at the place at around 1pm or 2pm so the crowd was really thick because those were their peak hours.

All in all, I can say that Sandbox is just the right place for the adventurous ones because there are various activities you won’t get tired from. Since the area is located near the foot of the mountain, you’ll definitely experience nature and adventure all  at once. You’ll surely sweat, but I assure you that you’ll enjoy every bit of it. 🙂

Me and my awkward pose 😛

For more information about Sandbox Alviera, download their e-brochure here.

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