MOKJA! Proves It: Koreans Make the Most Exotic Side Dishes



It’s been a while since I last posted here. I wouldn’t say that I was busy, because I know that every one of us have the same sentiments but it’s just that all my weekend in this month were packed with both planned and unscheduled events. That includes me getting sick that I have to take a bed rest for a whole weekend.

As you know, I only get to update during the weekend because my weekdays are spent at work. The traffic jam up north is also getting worse so an hour is added to my daily commute and home is where I sleep all these stress away.

Now that I am alive and kicking, I and my highschool best friend, Lizzy (I rarely call her that), visited a Korean buffet restaurant in Maginhawa to celebrate a good week.

MOKJA! Korean Restaurant is located at the third floor of 80 Maginhawa Street, Teachers Village, Quezon City. It is one of the newest additions in the so-called food district. The restaurant serves authentic Korean cuisine, most of which are side dishes or Banchan.


They have a buffet and a menu for other dishes. We heard that Samngyeopsal is the rave of the town so we tried it.

MOKJA’s Buffet Table
MOKJA’s Side Dishes
Pickled and Kimchi Side Dishes

Their buffet table is filled with side dishes, soup, and rice. These side dishes were included in the buffet item we have purchased.


We went to the restaurant at around 3PM. The whole place was packed because people were just about to finish having their lunch. I just got lucky in this photo because it was taken before other customers arrived to have their dinner and the crew have already cleaned the tables. Dinner rates start at 4:30 PM so we stayed there until 6PM.

Samngyeopsal (349php) + Unlimited Iced Tea (50php)

Uh-oh. Those fatty slices of pork belly grilled on the spot, or the Samngyeopsal, may not be the healthiest South Korean food but still, it’s the best choice for two hangry women–and it is affordable. We ate it with vegetable garnishes and spicy side dishes. It’s really tasty especially when you dip it in a chilli/garlic paste.

And if you are a fan of Korean dramas, you’ll surely enjoy grilling these pork slices while having a deep conversation about love with your friend like your favorite kdrama character. You can also listen to upbeat music from your favorite KPOP idols (there were songs from BTS and EXO, I think), courtesy of the restaurant DJ. 😉

Presenting my first plate, the soju, some raw pork slices, and the garlic paste

I know that the flatlay isn’t good, but who cares about taking pictures when you’re too excited to savor these mouth-watering Banchan? If I remember it correctly, that’s cabbage Kimchi right there, spicy glazed potatoes, vegetable pancakes, oi muchin, and vegetable wrap. We were blown away with the intense flavors of their Kimchi and glazed potatoes.


Here’s another plate with my favorites: spicy glazed potatoes, namul herbs, and another round of pork. Even though the namul is a healthy herb dish, it doesn’t taste like one. I loved that it was seasoned with spices or maybe vinegar because of its tartness.

Soju (199php)

And of course, we didn’t miss  the Soju. We need a drink to end the week with a bang.


Now I understand why actresses make that silly face when they drink Soju in their TV shows. The drink was really sharp to the taste. Yikes!

Overall Verdict

MOKJA! Stays true to the meaning of its name, “Let’s eat!” because of the restaurant’s welcoming atmosphere. It feels like home. Upon entering the restaurant, the crew will greet you ‘Annyeong’ and bid you ‘Kamsahamnida’ as you leave. They are like your friends who will casually call you up for lunch or dinner. One of the crew even volunteered to take this picture for us.


As for the food, it is undeniably gratifying. I skipped lunch that day to make room for MOKJA!’s specialties and didn’t have dinner when I got home. After three plates of pork slices and those healthy dishes in the buffet table, I was definitely full. I specifically loved the abundance of spices found in their Korean side dishes.

With that said, I’d like to say thank you to MOKJA! for kindly serving our tables with good food. Kamsahamnida! 🙂

For more information, visit MOKJA! Korean Restaurant’s page on Facebook.

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    1. thank you! 🙂 unfortunately, there is no elevator in the building. i think there’s a ramp on the first floor but i can’t remember if it goes up to the floor where the restaurant is located.


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