What Gives You an Edge?

I was bothered by something life-changing. It wasn’t a plan. It just came to my mind all of a sudden so I took the risk. Even though I have no idea what I gotten myself into, I jumped into it, and fell in the process. So that situation forced me to question myself, “what is my edge?”

It may be a question projected to my career, life, or love life…or it can be projected to all of these all at once.

It’s a tough question, isn’t it? More often than not, this question is asked to Miss Universe candidates. LOL. Very timely. But that is not the case. I am not here to win any title. I am here to win myself over. Because as much as I hate to admit, we all have things we doubt about ourselves.

And right now, all I want is to be alone. I want to go somewhere I can “overthink” peacefully. Maybe up there in the sky…where I could waste time or be productive with my overthinking session.

The first place that come to mind was a Ferris wheel. So here’s a picture of the edge of the MOA eye where I want to think about that question of  a lifetime.

Raw and Untouched Photo


Camera: Nikon D3100
Shot-on-location: Mall of Asia, Manila
Weekly Photo Challenge: Edge

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