My First Journaling Workshop Experience

Learning calligraphy and brush lettering has its own ups and downs. Sometimes, even creative people run out of ideas. That’s one struggle  we would all face somewhere in between pursuing our craft. So it’s nice to attend workshops once in a while in order to boost our creativity and get inspiration from other artists.

Last January 21, 2017, I went to Fully Booked Bonifacio Global City to attend Ms. Abbey Sy’s Journaling Workshop. It was my first ever workshop this year. Technically, the first arts and crafts workshop I attended since I started learning calligraphy in September last year.


Truth is, workshops for calligraphy are quite pricey. This journaling workshop is already a good catch because you just have to register and buy Abbey Sy’s ABC of Journaling book in any Fully Booked stores. The receipt served as the entrance ticket to the event.

Artsy Peeps

I first heard about the event from Erin of Artsy  Rabbit. She is an arts and crafts junkie who really encouraged me to join the event, so I went with her.


The event kicked-off with a selfie with Ms. Abbey Sy. She urged everyone to raise their journals for a picture-perfect selfie. There were over a hundred participants who are all fanatic of Abbey Sy and her journaling talent.


Then she spilled the beans about the art of journaling. She has also featured some of the works from her fans, which you can find on Instagram. Just view the hashtag #TeamAbbeySyFeatures or better yet, use that tag in your posts.


Andddd, here’s the long line of artsy peeps waiting for their turn to have their books signed by Abbey Sy. Here’s what mine looks like:

Tips and Tricks

Journaling is a fun activity. It is not just for kids or the artistic ones, it’s for everyone who wanted to unwind. It is also a great way to keep mementos that you’ll treasure for the years to come. Throughout the workshop, I learned a couple of key takeaways which I’d rather list down below:

  1. Customize your journal’s cover
  2. Have a clear layout of your ephemera
  3. Vary handlettering styles/fonts
  4. Be inspired by journaling prompts
  5. Practice daily
  6. Gather ephemeras (lots and lots of stickers, washi tapes, and photos)
  7. Discipline yourself. If you really want to document your daily activities, make it a point to at least put something in your journal before the day ends. As for me, I write an outline (using a pencil) of what I wanted to document on a particular day.

The Creative Wall


Honestly, this is my favorite part of the event. ❤

But first,

let me take a selfie. 😀

Oh, that’s my personal Instagram account, by the way. Followers are very much welcome!


I also got to take photos with my new-found friend Kim who is just 15 years old.


And here’s one with Erin.

Art Materials and Other Merchandise

Apart from the stickers and washi tapes they have distributed for free, there are mini booths in the background where they sell other art materials and merchandise.


Abbey Sy’s books and calligraphy pads from IFEX.

Read my review of IFEX’s Calligraphy pad here.


An assortment of pens from Faber Castell. Also, the sponsor of the event.


Yas. Art is everything.


GellyRoll from Sakura! Yayy!


The ABC of Journaling book and lots of penssssss (huhu that calligraphy nib and Ecoline bush pens, though).


Abbey Sy’s merchandise! The pouch costs 180php while the tote bag is priced at 250php.


I bought a pouch and the Faber Castell Artist Pitt Pen – Soft Brush.

Book Signing


To conclude the event, Abbey Sy signed all our books. I love the patience she showed even though the queue was long and it took 2 hours for her to finish everything. I wonder how her hands are doing after that extensive writing exercise?


photo from Ms. Abbey Sy’s page

Attending the workshop hosted by Abbey Sy is an achievement unlocked. I am hoping for more arts and crafts workshop in the future. This one really sparked my interest in journaling, which is a crossover to hand lettering-slash-calligraphy.

Although time was short, I’ve learned a lot from Abbey Sy. I am also looking forward to witness a live demo from her next time. It was amazing to meet her in person, especially that I was able to watch her write on my book.

Kudos to Ms. Abbey Sy and her team!

P.S. I love how I was able to hoard lots and lots of stickers from her team. ❤

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