Don’t Let the Little Things Rain On Your Parade


It’s funny how, sometimes, the little things could mean so much to us. The words that have carelessly escaped from our loved ones’ lips or even the gestures of the people we hate. It’s funny how we notice them and slightly, we get hurt, or we judge them so ruthlessly. But then those little things demand to be noticed. They either make or break us. It’s just a matter of perspective.

I remember almost two years ago, I was heading to UP Diliman. I had to deliver my presentation in the National Communication Research Conference (NCRC) because my thesis was selected. Everything was already set. I just got dressed with a pastel chiffon blouse, pants, and high heels. That was going to be a good day.

Weather was great, traffic was okay, but then all of a sudden, the thunder roared in the sky. And after a short while, raindrops came splattering on our car’s windshield. I kinda hated myself for thinking that everything was bound to fail because of the rain. LOL. Too shallow, right? But then I am a serial over-thinker so you couldn’t blame me.

Eventually, the rain stopped. It only lasted for a few minutes. So when the windshield is finally dry, I took a picture of it. Suddenly, I was amused by the tiny trace of droplets, which reminds me of the rain that almost ruined my day.

Then it hit me.

I had a change of heart. It’s just a matter of perspective, after all. 🙂

Raw and Untouched Photo


Camera: Canon EOS 1000D
Shot-on-location: UP Diliman, Quezon City
Weekly Photo Challenge: Tiny

4 thoughts on “Don’t Let the Little Things Rain On Your Parade

  1. Nice entry! Hehe pero you are right. The small things are actually the ones that worry us. It can’t be helped especially when it is as big as this. Small but deadly as they say XD

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