If You’ve Ever Watched a Sunset, You’ve Seen Something Transmogrify


Do you ever look at the sky during the magic hour and wonder how a setting sun could transform everything in just a snap? Because I do.

Whenever I watch a sunset, I can’t help but behold the sight and admire how its rays bring wonderful colors to that white canvas above us. From orange to red, it turns pitch black.

Suddenly, it becomes clear how somebody wrote a tale about the sun chasing the moon. Momentarily, it makes me feel blessed that another day has passed yet I am still here inhaling the breathe of life. It gives me a lot of feelings, TBH.

Especially that deep down inside, I know that the sun is taking its toll on the horizon here in my place but it’s just beginning to shine on the other side of the earth. Magical, right? The sun proves us that change is constant. Wherever we are in the world, we see something transmogrify each day just by looking at the sun during its curtain call.

And that’s my definition of that big word right there. 🙂

Raw and Untouched Photo


Camera: Samsung Digital Camera
Shot on Location: Luneta Park, Manila
Weekly Photo Challenge: Transmogrify


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