REVIEW: BDJ Power Planner 2017


NYE wouldn’t be complete without this little gift for myself. So before the past year ended, I went straight to the mall after work and bought this power planner from Belle De Jour.

Typically, I am not that big on planners. I don’t spend much and go for the likes of Starbucks, CBTL, FILED, and even BDJ planners. The most expensive I’ve had was that of Stradmore’s Blogberry Yuppies planner in 2014 which cost me almost 600php. I even got the cheapest Papemelroti planner last year.

But I am positive that 2017 would be my year so I decided to treat myself a little bit more and bought this one.

Among the four designs of Belle De Jour, I chose this one because of its leather cover. I was hoping to get the petite or the limited edition planner but they were sold out faster. This was the best choice for me aside from their NAVI, Everything is Possible, and Spring Power Planner.


Yay! I’m a certified Bella now. Technically, this is my first BDJ planner. And yes, that’s my full name over there.


Upon opening it, you’ll see a motivational quote.

I won’t be showing everything inside the planner but here are my favorite pages.


The Events Calendar page where you can easily jot down all the events you’d plan to go to per month.


And here’s the Dream Board. I wrote my aspirations here and some of the original quotes that I’ve written. I loved that I was able to maximize the space by using my brush pens and washi tapes. So far, this is my most favorite page in the planner. ❤


There is also a ready-made checklist that is divided per category. If you’re not that good at organizing your bullet journal, you can just turn to this page, look up the things you wanted to have on your own personalized checklist and cross them out.


This is how the monthly calendar looks. At the beginning of each month, you can already make an outline of your plans through this page.


Then plot them on this daily journal. I can say that the weekly spread is spacious enough for me to scribble some notes with my brush pens but I’d rather use a regular or a ballpoint pen. It’s also a plus that the pages are already decorated so I won’t have to overdecorate it myself.


Lastly, there’s a part where you can write an open letter for yourself before we transition to the next year. You can also track your bills at the back part of the planner but be sure to keep it private. 😉


Then here’s a sneak peek to my Perks of a Bella booklet. As you know, BDJ has a lot of partners so they are giving away discount coupons from these brands. Once your lifestyle card is activated, you are free to choose every coupon in this booklet. There are more perks that await you since can be invited to events with other Bellas.



Overall, I like the BDJ planner because, for one, it has a classy design. Second, it is spacious yet handy. I always bring it to work. It fits well inside my shoulder bag. At first, I thought I would be required to bring a tote bag every day if I wanted to take this planner wherever I go. But, thank God a shoulder bag is enough.


There are also lots of freebies (well, aside from the stickers and page marker). I would definitely recommend this to any girl who needs some kind of driving force to plan each day in their life. As what the planner’s theme dictates, I encourage you to “trust your heart to overcome the waves” this year.

Follow me on my accounts to see how I’m going to spend my first year of being a certified Bella!

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This BDJ Power Planner is available on their website and in National Book Store branches nationwide. For more information, visit their social media accounts:
Facebook | Twitter | Instagram



P.S. This is not a sponsored post.

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