Exploring the Walled City


As a natural born Filipino, thinking about the place where I belong is a no-brainer. If you will ask me, it’s the Philippines. But there is one particular place in the country which I once called home: Intramuros–the oldest district of Manila.

It’s been a while since I last visited the so-called Walled City of Manila. I wonder if Intramuros has burgeoned beyond my recognition or it’s slowly being stripped of the heritage it has possessed once upon a time.

If I remember it correctly, the last time I went there was June 2015. I am five months shy of reaching my two-year invisibility mark on that place. Jeez. I’ve been away for too long. Or maybe I’m just overreacting.

In fact, I spent almost a year (again, that felt too much for me but maybe not for you) walking down the cobbled streets, admiring the archaic buildings, and sometimes wincing with the juxtaposition of the historic and unsightly environment.

The informant settlers have wrecked havoc in the area. I wonder how they got there. But that’s not the case on point here so let’s go back to the main topic.

Why I Chose Intramuros?

As part of our weekly photo challenge, I have chosen Intramuros as the best local place where my heart is because for one, a lot of “firsts” happened there.

I got a first taste of the life in the print media there. Being that girl who is so determined to work in print, you’ll probably squirm the moment you get that internship at one of the oldest newspapers in the country.

Second…um, well. Not going there. 😛

And third, my first job. After that internship in the publishing company’s magazine, I got to work for their newspaper. Despite the stress in that kind of industry, I have learned to love working there because of the place.

I love seeing Calesas passing by every day as if it was part of my daily routine–like I was some kind of Maria Clara overlooking the veranda and waiting for Ibarra to get off one of those carriages.

Most especially, I love seeing the tourists love the scene I also get to admire. It makes me proud of being a Filipino. It gives me hope that despite all the chaotic streets outside the Walled City there is still one special place where we can give ourselves a little throwback to the past. That is why even though I didn’t live here, I couldn’t shake off any memories I have of this place.

Raw and Untouched Photo


Camera: Canon EOS 1000D
Shot on Location: Muralla St., Intramuros, Manila
Weekly Photo Challenge: Local



Note: This is a personal post. The author is not claiming that Intramuros is better than any heritage parks/cities in the Philippines. Also, safety for tourists in this place is not guaranteed.




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