Thank You, 2016. Hello, 2017!


The year 2016 has been the most challenging time for me throughout my 22 years of existence. And yet it’s not yet the sacred year for my dreaded quarter-life crisis. What more could I get in the next years to come?

I felt like little pebbles were thrown at me in the past year. They hurt, nonetheless. But, what about the years when I’ll have more adulting adventures and problems? Maybe a landslide would send me to rock bottom already. I’d rather not preempt my future but I’ll be looking forward to it and prepare myself on whatever 2017 might throw me along the way.

Meanwhile, let’s see what I’m thankful for in 2016 with this mini project I and my officemates have decided to create titled #BlessedDecember. This is also my first time creating watercolor lettering so please bear with me. 😛



As I’ve said earlier, I’ve been through ups and downs. Some of my low moments have put me into sleepless nights, chronic PMS, anxiety, and even what I’d like to refer as mild depression. I wasn’t clinically diagnosed. But I know for sure it’s the thing you feel when you’re constantly late to work because you’re demotivated…because you are hopeless that the world we live in is ever capable of changing for the better.

I always wake up in the morning thinking about the life I wanted…always daydreaming…always setting high expectations. That’s why I’m often disappointed, hurt, and restless. I am restless because I want to make things work. I want to achieve the life that I wanted and avoid having regrets later on. But then, this is all I could do.

And somebody told me there’s no pressure in living the life we only have once so I should just take it easy. The thing is, the life that we have is given only once. Isn’t our responsibility make our stay here worthwhile? So I tell myself to hustle. Keep doing what you love. You should possess the kind of passion that is capable of catching fire.

Until I started to see life with a ray of light. I started appreciating the little things. I  started to realize that there is beauty in it than living because you thought you were being chased by death and you are running out of time fulfilling your purpose. Truth is, we are not born to die. We were given life to live.

Thank you for teaching me to live in the moment, 2016. I learned that in my first two years of adulting–hardest was your year–there is something greater ahead of me. Everything will pay off, when that time comes, because, la vie est belle.



I’m thankful that even though 2016 was hard, my family stood by my side. We’re a big family and it’s a blessing that we’re still together after all these years. I thank God for that. My parents, sisters, and one brother are the best gifts I got from him.



Ah, my dear friends. If not because of them, I wouldn’t have the courage to venture through the adulting phase. Of course, we’re all in this together. It is such a relief to have such friends who got your back. They are my next best support system after my family. I just hope that there will be more of them who will stick around for the long haul than leave without a trace.



My career is something I really work hard on. But my family remains the top priority. It’s not that I am incompetent. It’s just that I wouldn’t trade my family for anything in the world especially money and power.

And I don’t believe in competition. I believe that people in the corporate world would be more productive and the business will be more profitable if there’s more collaboration than competition.

So this quote means to me that I hustle for my own measure of success–not of everybody’s. I don’t hustle to gain applause. I treat my career as a money-making business because I don’t live for it. I need the money to support my creative pursuits and to help my family–that’s what I live for. But still, I am thankful that I am not unemployed, I don’t starve, and that I have a job.



Lastly, my dreams. I am grateful that God has given me the ability to dream. If not because of this driving force in me, I wouldn’t wake up in the morning thinking about the life that I wanted, thinking about why I hustle to improve my skills, and thinking about how I’d be able to be an instrument to change the world.

I know each of us is a dreamer and that’s a good thing. It gives us hope despite everything that’s happened in humanity.

Just keep your dreams alive because that’s the most intimate part of you.

It’s the one thing that couldn’t be taken off of you. You might lose friends, acquaintances, a job, a family member, but this thing keeps you going. It’s what keeps you up at night. The reason you wake up early even if you haven’t slept enough. It’s the reason why you cry a river of tears thinking about how you failed and struggled to stand up just to reach this dream.

I could say this because I know that in the darkest times when I felt like everything has left me, my dreams have become the only reason why I wanted to survive. It’s the whole purpose of the life that I have. It’s something I need to achieve in order to prove that I was worthy of having something to contribute to my family, friends, and society.

After all, life is beautiful. It shouldn’t go to waste. So does our dreams. 🙂

Happy New Year, folks! 🙂 ❤


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