#LetteringChallenge: Metallic Week


Lettering challenges were created to discipline artists and help them practice their craft regularly. A challenge runs in a span of one month, often with a theme or a list of things to scribble which you have to complete until the last word/quote.

As for me, I decided to challenge myself and developed my own version of the typical brush lettering challenge. I call it simply #LetteringChallenge with a twist. Why? Because I want to focus on the theme and I will do it per week.

I’d like to believe that my previous post where I scribbled 13 lyrics/lines from Taylor Swift’s songs was already the beginning of it. That is why I wanted to continue doing this for the next weeks/months/years to come.

Maybe I can do one or two challenges per month, which means I will be working on it for two weeks/one week. That way, I wouldn’t juggle between working at night and spending the day crafting designs and brush lettering–well, I have to admit that the latter was what I loved the most.

It’s just that I still doubt myself and I’m not the type who could constantly do one thing without any interruption so a month of lettering could be difficult for me. Perhaps I have a short attention span? Or that I am easily distracted? Doesn’t mean I am not a disciplined person, though. 😛

So, here we go!

My first #LetteringChallenge featuring modern calligraphy using in metallic pens.


Yas. I used the DONG-A My Metal 0.7 gel pens, which I would be proud to say was very affordable. I bought a set of seven pens for only P200.

And that black calligraphy pad was from IFEX–another local brand for school supplies.

Now, let’s see how these pens performed on paper. 😉


2. 037d6e09-0300-462d-a5d3-7c6cfd4aa15d_zpsnecsmk7n

3. b15e0cf8-0745-4be0-be7d-62f1841b8f5e_zpszxhrxtb2

4. cd5ffd1d-0ea3-404a-8836-7db802d41b51_zpslnglldxo

5. 893b6a1e-cfbb-422b-8b05-f8681a168c4e_zps5qephbyl

6. cf2f7e1b-951c-4ddc-9564-ba2fbcec5ccb_zpsx8k7gmhv

7. 7fbc110f-eddf-4307-954a-3707f9822bdb_zpshbk2yhva


I hope you liked my Christmas-themed metallic lettering. Happy Holidays! ❤

Do you have any favorites? Comment the number below and tell me why you love it. 🙂

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