Welcome to the FICTION Menu

Hey guys!

It’s been a while. 🙂

I kind of disconnected from social media for a week because I was trying to sort my priorities and adjusting to my new work schedule. I could say that it’s been a hell of a week but I’m happy to be back.

So, what’s new?

If you have read my bio on the About page, I have shared quite a lot about how I was smitten by the art of literary writing. That is also one of the reasons why I don’t update regularly here. I also write on other platforms like Wattpad. Now that I have the guts to spill the beans, I added another page to the Menu titled “FICTION” where it’s linked to my new Wattpad account.

I’ve been on Wattpad since 2011 but then I failed to finish some of my stories there. Life just happened so I decided to give up and maybe come back when I have more time than when I was in college.

I’ve also lost some readership and the new books I’ve published on my old account didn’t get much attention. Realizing this urged me to make a new one just recently. Now that I also started a blog, I’d like to connect this craft here.

It took me quite some time before I decided to incorporate my Wattpad account to this blog because I know that the art of blogging is worlds apart from novel writing.

Well, not really. They’re both forms of art. It’s just that I am more comfortable writing fiction because then you’d get a chance to reveal all the stories that write you while maintaining your anonymity to the readers. That is why I find it hard to promote my novels using my real name (yes, I’m that kind of author who prefers to use a pseudonym).

In blogging, you have to be socially involved, join events, dinner parties, etc. to write stuff. Novel writing, on the other hand, is the lost art of introspection, the artistic way of expressing the story living inside of you.

So, what is this tab all about?


The Fiction tab is in between my Personal Essays and About page. As you click it, you will be directed to my new Wattpad account. You are free to browse Wattpad if you want to kill time or if you’re fond of reading indie novels.


And if you are curious about what my previous account was, just look it up on my new profile. I’ve included there that I was formerly known as miss27oe.


Yes, I like Tiffany of SNSD but not the girl group itself. 😛

In my new account, I have one published story and it’s the first book in my serial novel.


As for my previous account, I have published 10 stories. Unfortunately, I was able to finish only four and there are two poetry collections that I still update every now and then. Among those four stories that I’ve finished, only two of them remains public in this account and they’re written in Filipino. I have to delete those that I failed to finish and the two English novels I’ve written before because I was planning to transfer them to my new account.

Meanwhile, if you understand our language here in the Philippines, you can absolutely read two of my stories that are still available on my old account. 🙂



There you go!

Basically, I just wanna share with you some of my hidden hobbies. If you are also a writer or a reader on Wattpad, comment down below! We can definitely talk about our favorite authors and books on the site. 😉


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