Top 5 Gift Ideas for Your Calligraphy-Obsessed Friends


Now that the season of giving has finally arrived, shopping happens here and there. Perhaps some of you have already bought gifts earlier this month or even months ago, which is good. But if you’re like me who tends to procrastinate and who enjoys the crowd during last-minute Christmas shopping, you are probably just planning for ideas to gift your loved ones.

Fret not! Here are some gift ideas for your Calligraphy-obsessed friends.

  1. Brush Pen

    Remember that for modern calligraphers, the brush pen is the most sacred thing. This comes in various forms, dual-tip, fine tip, nylon fiber, fude touch, etc. There is also an assortment of brands where you can choose from. All of these are available in SM department stores and craft stores across the city.

  2. Calligraphy Pad

    In order to make a brush pen work, an artist needs a pad. It should be a specialized calligraphy pad so that the tips of the brush pens wouldn’t fray immediately. The kind of pad will depend on the artist’s preference, whether he or she likes it black or white. I recommend IFEX’s Calligraphy pad, which I’ve already reviewed on my previous post. Read it here.

  3. Gel Pen

    Gel pens could be used as a substitute for brush pens. If you are interested, the local brand that offers a wide variety of colored pens is Dong-A Philippines. They sell a set of 7 metallic pens for about 200php only.

  4. Watercolor

    I’ve never met an artist who doesn’t have a fascination with watercolor. It’s just the most basic thing to have–aside from pens–if you are into art. Unlike painters who use acrylic and oil paint most of the time, calligraphy artists prefer watercolor as it is easy to dry and use for lettering. I recommend Simbalion watercolor cake  which is affordable  and very convenient to use.

  5. Pencil Case/Pen Holder

    This is a must for artists who enjoy bringing their pens wherever they go. I have chosen some personal favorites that are easy to find.

I focused on writing about Calligraphy-related gifts because this  is the closest thing to my heart. I also understand that as an artsy person, we find it difficult to request or wish gifts such as these because not everyone understands our taste in art. Not to mention that some of these are really expensive especially the pens.

So, I hope that these suggestions can help you in your last-minute shopping. Hurry and have fun! Christmas is just around the corner. 😉

P.S. This is not a sponsored post.


5 Replies to “Top 5 Gift Ideas for Your Calligraphy-Obsessed Friends”

  1. Grabe yung Dong-A, since high school hanggang ngayon affordable pa rin sya huhu. Love your post! May magandang store sa Katipunan (Common Room PH) where they sell every tool and accessory you’ll ever need.

    Liked by 1 person

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