The Soundtrack That Made Me Want to Watch Fifty Shades Darker

Just hours ago, Taylor Swift posted this photo on Instagram that shook the whole world.

Damn, right? I meant, who wouldn’t be surprised! The photo says it all. That’s a new music from Taylor Swift! The queen is definitely back…and with an edgy R&B soundtrack for an erotic film, joined by my favorite former 1D member ZAYN. ❤

I have to admit, I am not a fan of the Fifty Shades Trilogy. I’ve read all the books. But they’re not just the kind of romance novels that would stick  to my system and haunt me in my dreams. I, for one, writes erotic/romance novels and this is not the type of piece that would inspire me in writing my books.

However, when the first  film was released, I tried to give it a chance because I like the actors. Personally, I judge films for two reasons: first, the story/premise/script and second, the actors.

After all, I think Jamie Dornan is a perfect fit for Christian Grey. He’s hot, provocative, and mysterious. I just couldn’t shake off the thoughts that I have knowing that he’s a married man IRL and he’s doing all these sexy scenes. It makes me want to go wild watching him but something reminds me that I should be tamed. 😛

Going back to Taylor Swift and Zayn, I would say that this is the BEST collaboration of the year. I wouldn’t lie, Zayn’s a good R&B artist, obvs. Blending his vocals with Taylor Swift is just MAGICAL I can’t get enough of playing this track all over again. Those alternating musical riffs between TayTay and Zayn are just PERFECT.

So then  after Taylor posted the photo above, this teaser followed suit. Gigi Hadid (Zayn’s ever-supportive girlfriend) also posted  Zayn’s part of the song via Instagram story as she plays it via iTunes.

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