Reawaken Your Inner Child When You Visit Subic, Zambales


It’s been a year since I last visited Subic.

Back then, with my toxic workload and hectic schedule as a copywriter, I found something to be thankful for during Thanksgiving. I went to an adventure in Zambales for a day.


Although this year, I decided to stay at home and enjoy the weather.

I’ve missed traveling, though, especially the quiet ocean breeze and the rural setting. I’m wondering how I can tap on my YOLO side again. Maybe this Yuletide season? I wish.

Even though a year had passed, I still remember how I felt when I shrugged off my anxiety at work because I know that if I think about it more, I would be spoiling the purpose of this trip which is to unwind. I stopped thinking about getting tired and not being able to work properly at night since I have to fight the urge to sleep.

For a moment, I thought I was a kid again. The inner child in me started leaping and squealing in excitement upon seeing a different surrounding. It wasn’t the first time that I’ve been in Subic’s Ocean Adventure and Nayong Pilipino. But it’s been five years since my first visit to this beautiful place.

Ocean Adventure



I went with my sister and her friends which made the experience even more exciting. Being with these beautiful young people made me enjoy the day as if I was a naive kid free from stress and the cruelty of the fast-paced corporate world.

Also, I took the time to think about what makes me really happy. I swore in front of the calm sea and the spellbinding clouds that I’d find my inner peace–my sweet haven–despite the insane arena where I’ve gotten myself into.


Lately, I’ve been through a lot of tough times. I’m at a point in my life where I thought I was going through a quarter life crisis but then I realized that I was too young for that. 😛

This trip really helped–from the hilarious sea lions to the cute dolphins. My endorphin hormones were all activated. 😀








 photo c5aed476-ee1e-4273-80ea-81c68cef1d4c_zpslhjjr5lg.jpg

Nayong Pilipino

Last but not the least, the Nayong Pilipino park. This was initially constructed in Pasay but developers thought the place was too crowded for a heritage park so they transferred it somewhere in Clark. The trip here was fun but it was something that I’ve already expected of heritage parks/museums. Typical Intramuros scene. Something not new to me.

But if you love the rich culture of our country just like me and my sister, you’ll definitely give these artifacts and paintings some love.


Here are some of the photos which my sister took for me also. ❤



Processed with VSCO

There you go! I know you’ll surely enjoy your vacation in Subic, Zambales this coming Christmas. 😉

Comment your thoughts below!



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