Come Hungry, Leave Happy When You Dine at The Barn by Tipsy Pig


Nothing caps off a hard day’s work than a dining experience that you’ll never forget. So if you’re on the hunt for good food and a place where you can share good times with your friends, The Barn by Tipsy Pig is the place to go.


photo by Yvonne Bertoldo

Since Tipsy Pig is making its presence known in the Philippine gastronomy scene, The Barn carried its signature best-selling dishes, cocktails, and atmosphere. The common aesthetic factor is the interior, with wooden wall accents and long tables that brought about a rustic vibe. As they said, ” we want you to know that this is not your grandma’s cooking, but the soul is there.”



Potato Shrimp Balls

What I like about the starter we had was that each bite provides a forkful of flavor from its ingredients: Local Shrimp, Aligue Mayo, and Parsley. This would’ve been my most favorite if I wasn’t allergic with shrimps. But then I have to admit, a piece is already enough to boost my appetite.



The Barn Salad

As a person who is not fond of eating veggies, I was quite impressed that I enjoyed the dish. The mixed greens, arugula, egg slices, candied walnut, bleu cheese, and bacon vinaigrette were combined together in a healthy palate.



Crab Mac n Cheese

Like I said, the Shrimp balls would make it to my top favorite if I wasn’t allergic and if this Crab Mac n Cheese wasn’t served. This is such a tantalizing treat guaranteed to make any cheese lover drool! The crab meat and macaroni were sensational with cheddar, mozzarella, parmesan, and chives.



Farmhouse Pizza

Pizza is life. Now with prosciutto, arugula, balsamic glaze, tomato confit, and mozzarella, it’s beyond that! You’ll definitely have to taste this thin-crust pizza to believe it.



Brown Butter Tanigue

The Western-Asian themed dishes at The Barn is evident with their main entrees, including the Spanish Mackerel with brown butter sauce. I enjoyed it with lots of butter sauce, alfalfa, and chives.


Beef Shank

Lastly, Filipinos’ favorite homegrown dish–the bulalo. No words for this one. I really loved it! I even had to dig in my knife to the bone to get enough edible marrow. It was served with corn cob, french beans, bok choi, and a savory house gravy.



Iced Tea

Since I don’t drink that much, I ordered a refreshing iced tea. If you prefer other drinks, they also offer San Miguel Light, San Miguel Pale Pilsen, Johnnie Walker Black, Smirnoff, Red Wine, White Wine, and more! I am especially thrilled by the mention of their Salted Caramel beer. Will probably try that on my next visit. 😉

Savor your most memorable moments (regardless of the occasion) with The Barn! They are located on the Ground Floor of UP Town Center in Diliman, Quezon City. You may also call them at (02) 513-7946 or (+63) 926-017-5296 for reservations.

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