Blogapalooza 2016: Let’s Buzzin!


This year, I decided to take my blogging to the next level.

As a shy girl who loves to write, I used to keep my blog to myself and refused to share it with the public. I started blogging in 2012 through Blogger but it only served as a diary where I write my daily whims about life, love, and my studies.

I only had the courage to promote it when I was exposed to bloggers who are driven enough to share their ideas to the public. These people inspired me to not just love blogging but to also love my own writings by having the confidence to share them.

That’s why last September, I launched this blog where I write topics about pop culture and some that I and my fellow millennials could relate to. After a couple of blog posts, I decided to register for the upcoming Blogapalooza event.

Luckily, I passed the screening and was invited to join hundreds of bloggers across the Philippines in this biggest Business-to-Blogger event last November 5.It was spearheaded by the WhenInManila team, lead by Ms. Ace Gapuz. Together, they continue to organize events such as this to #UnitePH.


Since I am a  newbie, I went with my fellow blogger and office mate Erin at  Novotel’s Versailles Garden in Araneta Center Cubao where the event, Charting the Uncharted: Horizons 2.0,  took place. Aside from admiring the superb five-star hotel, I have also enjoyed getting to know other bloggers at the event.





The first booth that we got freebies from was the San Mig Food Avenue where we received a hearty serving of Nutella buns, refreshing raspberry juice, and the all-time favorite Prima biscuits.


Peng | Me | San Mig Ave Crew | Diane | Erin

Then we enjoyed the Diode Laser game at the SkinStation booth…


And posed as Star Wars characters with the light sabers and guns from Victoria Court‘s thematic rooms.


After we played pick-up sticks and the memory game, we got perfumes from Chemworld Fragrance Factory as prizes.


Best of all, I was able to pose as a bride-to-be at Eurotel’s wedding-themed booth. It was such an adorable concept. The moment I stepped into their tent, I immediately fell in love to Eurotel! They even gave us lifetime discount cards for their hotel branches throughout the Philippines.


Sweating it out, roaming around, getting to know other bloggers and brands under the sun took all of our energy so we got inside the conference hall for a breather. There we listened to the keynote speaker Ms. Juliet “Jhet” Torcelino van Ruyven. She is a Filipino-Canadian author and motivational speaker.

Ms. Jhet’s story is really one of going  from rags to riches. She grew up as a small-town girl in Batangas who have nothing, now she’s a multi-awarded author and businesswoman. Her claim to fame was her self-published autobiography titled “The Tale of Juliet.”  Here’s one key takeaway from her speech:


The highlight of the program was the open forum with the representatives from different bloggers society in the Philippines. Since the hashtag, #UnitePH was the purpose of the whole event, bloggers, and influencers across the country participated in the forum.

Representatives from Mindanao include the CDO and Davao Bloggers Society. Cebu was represented as well from the Visayas, while Pangasinan was the only province represented up north. The forum was facilitated by Blogapalooza CEO, Ace Gapuz.


I have to admit, I went to the venue without any aspirations of blogging to market brands or to get paid online. But when I heard these  influencers speak from the heart about their passion  in writing, I was inspired to further my blogging experience.

Through this once in a lifetime experience, I can say that my dreams of meeting passionate writers like me have been realized. Not only that, Blogapalooza has also provided us with a platform that will easily connect bloggers and influencers to businesses. This was the big reveal that has kept us all at the edge of our seat throughout the program!


I am so excited to try this platform, which can be accessed through So what are you waiting for? Choose a campaign or a business that is perfect for your niche and write for them!

On that note, I’d like to say thank you to all the bloggers and brands that I’ve met for making my first Blogapalooza event a worthwhile experience! Kudos to Ace and her team for making this wonderful gathering possible and for launching Buzzin to help bloggers and #UnitePH.


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