A Quick Dip in Laiya, Batangas


Learning photography has been one of the greatest lessons I’ve had in my life, especially that I was surrounded by crazy colleagues and a really awesome teacher.

Back in 2014, I enrolled into this elective called Digital Photography. We had a fun photo walk by the beach for our finals. That was the best final exam I took throughout college.

Since I majored in Mass Communication, every media production that we had as exams were stressful and time-pressured. Tight deadlines everywhere. But this one was breathtaking and a walk in the park, literally.

So why did I just post this now?

Because, for one, I just started blogging this year, and second, I don’t aim to be a travel blogger. But what can I do?! Laiya is one beautiful stretch of a beach. I can’t afford to just hide this treasure in my folder and get corrupted later on.

If you are interested, we went to Pipisik Beach  Resort in Laiya for our final exam. It is a secluded part of San Juan, Batangas. I’d say that the resort was underrated because it doesn’t get the attention it needs!


For travelers who are curious as to how we got there, we rented two vans with 20-person capacity each. We are only a small group, maybe 15 all in all, but we managed to get a discount because our professor is a good friend of the van operator.

Can you try to guess how much we spent in the transportation,  food, and one room with two beds for a whole day accommodation?

It’s 1,000 PHP each!

It’s really a place that fits your budget.

Since we are students looking for a good place to practice photography, we have chosen one of the cheapest resorts there. We just paid a total of 2,000php for the room rentals and that’s it–a nice view of the boundless, limitless, open sea touching the tapestry of the sky!

So, here are some of my favorite shots from the island.


That’s my best friend Yuri who is a cheerleader, who can basically contort and bend her body from all angles.


This is one of my favorites because I was able to capture the moment where everyone was busy taking a photo of the muse named Gian.


Since I love the rule of thirds, I took  this photo of Gian from this angle.


Here’s another one…this should fit in the “It’s More Fun  in the Philippines” campaign of DOT. 😀 Anyway, she’s Patricia. I loved how I was able to capture a photo of her while mid-air without messing up with my settings.


Yes. That’s Yuri again. She’s  the bestie, of course, she gets  a lot of photos from me. 😉 Wonder what I look like behind the lens?


Tables have turned and I also got a fair share of the photos where I modeled for them. The following shots were taken by Yuri and my other friend, Hazel.






As you probably have noticed, I was trying to hide my face because I was too afraid to expose it to the sun (post-derma treatment issues). That was really one of the hottest days in August 2014 but it didn’t stop me from going out and having fun capturing great moments with my colleagues.

You, too, can do it…because hakuna matata! ❤


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