Remembering the Departed Ones


photo by Marge Serrano

They say that we all have to live just to die in the end.

Death is inevitable.

But for me, it’s not something we should be scared of. It should be something we pay homage for because it’s a sacred thing to leave the earth after your long years of stay. As you’ve seen how long someone went through just to survive the jungle that is life and die at the end, you’ll realize that it’ll be such an honor to accept what you’re destined for–death.

In fact, you see death everywhere. It’s not just during the Halloween that we think about the departed ones or even death in itself.

We see death haunting us, chasing and coming after us. We see it every day of our lives. We fear that if we failed to keep up with our speed and just fall on our knees along the way, we won’t be able to outrun the curse. It’s in our subconscious and the world we live in. But it’s not about escaping death that we are here to live for. It is about living the life that you have before you fear death.

As a Christian, I grew up believing that Jesus is bigger than my fears. One of my biggest fears was death–not just my own demise but losing my family, mom, and dad. Just thinking about it makes me feel sick. But then seeing the bigger picture, putting Christ in the center of my life, makes me more positive about life. His love embraces me in an overprotective way. He was everything I could ask for and I know that with him, I and my family would be safe.

During this season, I know that it isn’t death that’s with us. The wandering souls and spirits that we fear are not the ones watching us when we sleep. It’s Jesus who calms the storm in our hearts–the fear that we have all been trying to shake off our skin.

But we’re not the only ones he would watch over and bless with his love. He protects the souls of the departed as well.

So, just like Jesus, let us not forget about them. Let us keep them in our hearts…how they once became part of our lives. All the times and memories they have spent here on earth have been worthwhile because of us. We are one in the eyes of God so we should cherish our relationship with our friends, family, brothers, and sisters, until the end of time–even in their demise.


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