11 Nikita Gill Poems That Prove Your Soul Is a River


Nikita Gill is a London-based writer and visual artist. I first came across her on Tumblr and Thought Catalog in 2014 where her poems and verses took the internet by storm. Or maybe her poems were on my feed because we’re on the same wavelength.

Honestly, I know I will never be like her, but she is my inspiration and I’ll say it loud and proud, I look up to her. No matter how many writers take over the internet, I’d say she’s one of a kind and I’d still consider her as one of my influence.

I love how she play with words and the way she would always capture everything that I feel in five lines or less. She also works on this kind of magic that charms young women like me. No wonder she was dubbed as a feminist. Her poems just empower girls like nothing could ever have. Well, at least for me, that’s the case.

For some of you who doesn’t know Nikita Gill yet, here’s a selection of my favorites from her book Your Soul is a River:

11.On your light that shines within:

10. On every girl’s hidden courage:

9. On falling in love:

8. On breaking down your walls:

7. On reinventing yourself:

6. On your own worth:

5. On appreciating damage:

4. On the existence of love:

3. On your inner fire:

2. On your strength as a woman:

1. On girls as goddesses that rule the world:


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3 Replies to “11 Nikita Gill Poems That Prove Your Soul Is a River”

  1. I am a huge fan of Nikita Gill’s poetry as well.
    I discovered her writing through Tumblr and did a simple research on her; I learned a few interesting facts about her life like –
    Almost 137 publishers had refused to publish her work! But, now things are looking extremely bright for her. She is a sensation among men and women of all ages!

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