13 Taylor Swift Songs in Brush Lettering



As you all know, 10 years ago today, Taylor Swift was introduced to the music industry with her self-titled debut album.


I feel so proud of her for being the pop star that she is now. She clearly worked hard for it and I don’t believe there’s anyone in the music industry that made her famous, except herself.

Watching snippets of her performance in the F1 USPG last weekend made me all the more emotional. Because, for one, I was excited to see her conquer the stage after almost a year on hiatus and second, I thought she was going to drop a surprise album.

And third (yes, there are three reasons why), she performed a stripped down version of This is What You Came For, which definitely shook Rihanna and Calvin. Though I haven’t seen her perform live, I could feel the magnitude of her performance from afar.

To celebrate Taylor Swift’s 10 years of fame and the heartbreak of a fan who thought there was a surprise album that’s going to be released, here are 13 of her songs that mean so much to me–in brush lettering!

  1. Our Song (Taylor Swift)


  2. Love Story (Fearless)


  3. Breathe (Fearless)


  4. Mine (Speak Now)


  5. Enchanted (Speak Now)


  6. Ours (Speak Now)


  7. Treacherous (RED)


  8. Holy Ground (RED)


  9. Sad, Beautiful, Tragic (RED)


10. Come Back, Be Here (RED)


11. Out of the Woods (1989)


12. New Romantics (1989)


13. Style (1989)


P.S. This is a late post because I’ve worked so hard to finish these throughout the weekend but then I failed to beat the deadline. LOL

Handlettering Photos  © Marge Serrano | 2016

2 thoughts on “13 Taylor Swift Songs in Brush Lettering

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